Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How to make Social Network website in PHP & MySQL

PHP may be a terribly powerful internet programing language that you'll be able to use to form dynamic internetsites and web applications. I’ve been making video tutorials on PHP since the creation of this journal in Urdu/Hindi. I actually have place along some comes yet like Ecommerce web site in PHP and a whole CMS in PHP. however this point, I’ve brought you a replacement project known as “Social Network in PHP“. during this series, you’ll step by step learn to form an easy and straightforward social networking web site in PHP & MySQLi from scratch in Urdu/Hindi.

Social Network summary
This will be a awfully straightforward social network and it’ll be sort of a discussion forum wherever users will raise queries, post discussions, post comments, notice different members and send them messages etc. All the fundamental communication options square measure enclosed during this project. However, the friend request system isn't enclosed during this project as a result of that’s already there in each social networking web site, therefore I’ve created it straightforward for a particular purpose.

What you ought to already Know?
Since this course is for absolute beginners, however despite that, you ought to grasp the fundamentals of hypertext markup language, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. this can be necessary as a result of we’ll not be discussing the fundamental ideas of PHP and hypertext markup language etc, rather than that we have a tendency to’ll be straight talking concerning the issue we square measure reaching to produce during this course.

What specifically I’m reaching to Learn?
Now here I’m reaching to show you the precise issue that you’ll learn within the video tutorials below. As i discussed, this can be a whole step by step course of creating a social networking  site, that is the basic understanding of this technique are one thing like this:

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