Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blog Content Copy Protection in WordPress (Tutorial)

Blog Content Copy Protection in WordPress
Needless to mention, repetition content from different blogs may be a terribly dangerous apply, however sadly still some folks do this apply to waste their precious time. I actually have been endeavor to report websites/blogs that had re-published otherwise you will say traced my content and announce on their blogs, however I’m an individual's, I can’t pay hours everyday to go looking for my content on the online, then fill out long long forms and submit them to net hosting firms moreover as Google or blogspot, when reportage many blogs/sites antecedently, I finally got tired , then i attempted to search out the way wherever I might minimize the probabilities of being infringed. Since I’m on WordPress, thus I got some straightforward solutions to the present issue in form of plugins, i attempted several plugins during this regard, and nowadays i assumed to share a number of them with you, thus you'll be able to conjointly use them to safeguard your WordPress site/blog content from being traced or infringed by others while not your permission. ne'er copy content from different websites.

How to defend WordPress journal Content?

As i discussed higher than, I’ve found some very easy solutions for WordPress blogs in form of plugins, and I’ll tell you ways you'll be able to simply install and originated them to induce obviate copycats, a minimum of you'll be able to get obviate the newbies UN agency simply use their mouse to pick out the article/text so copy/paste it to their blogs, this way, they create a replica copy of your content that is extremely dangerous for SEO and Google compartmentalisation. They can’t get have the benefit of this for lasting, however it creates some problems for you in of SEO.

Plugins for Copy Protection of WordPress

I used 2 plugins for this issue, and each of them worked fine, however I then chosen the higher and straightforward one that I’m presently victimization on this journal, thus I’ll tell you the setting of that, however each of the plugins work fine. you'll be able to merely search the names of those 2 plugins in your WP dashboard:

  • Wp-copyright-protection
  • WP web site preserver 

In fact, You don’t got to do any setting for these plugins, simply install them and you're all done, except for the “WP web site Protector”, you'll be able to build the subsequent setting if you wish, however by default this can be the same:

After creating setting simply click “Save Changes” and you're all finished this. and that i printed this post upon requests from several readers of this journal, and if you're one amongst them then please say “Thank You” within the comments :) and if you're not one amongst them then learn this issue which could be useful for you within the future.And I very appreciate your queries and comments if you've got something to mention concerning this trick.

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