Wednesday, 28 October 2015

AJAX Using PHP & jQuery Urdu and Hindi Tutorials

AJAX may be a internet development technique that is employed massively virtually by each standard web site, mythical being means that (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this can be not a artificial language, but yes, this can be a method to use the prevailing internet programming languages all at once so as to form the net browsing expertise abundant quicker and far higher. Google at the start adopted this method once its developers were performing on the Gmail application, and nowadays this method (AJAX) is that the wide used technique by internet developers. several of our students requested United States of America to form tutorials on this in Urdu, and nowadays I’ve created some basic tutorials with sensible examples in Urdu, therefore you guys will currently simply learn mythical being.

How to use aJAX & however will it work?

AJAX may be a magic, all standard websites area unit exploitation this method i.e Gmail, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube and lots of others. mythical being may be employed by 2 alternative ways, JavaScript and jQuery. each strategies of exploitation mythical being area unit completely different, with JavaScript technique, you need to work on on-line server, as a result of the protocol request that mythical being sends to the net server is simply potential once there's a lively website on the net with (http) extension. However, with jQuery technique, you'll be able to use mythical being on native host (Local computer) as a result of here, we have a tendency to don’t produce associate protocol request directly, that’s done by jQuery. And we’ll use mythical being on native host during this tutorial, therefore you'll be able to conjointly apply that.

AJAX merely sends letter of invitation to the server in background, and updates the a part of the page wherever a happening was occurred by the visitant, therefore, it'll work while not reloading/refreshing the net page, and that’s the wonder of exploitation mythical being in internet development.

AJAX Tutorials:

Now, here I actually have video tutorials for you in Urdu/Hindi, these area unit simply some tutorials, however I hope you’ll like this effort, during this series of video tutorials, You’ll learn the fundamental understanding of mythical being yet as alittle registration type project exploitation mythical being, and We’ll conjointly use jQuery and PHP during this tutorials series. therefore if you liked  this series then share it with others and conjointly post your queries within the comments section.






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